Thursday, March 02, 2006

Second Collage Art Pahtay

the first el pobre collage party happened last weekend in kyle's courtyard and was so much fun. we spraypainted
we collaged
we sang the ramones. i'll post some pics tonight.

we are having another one--we still have 100 covers of issue #3 to ART UP!!!

pls come this sunday at 6 pm to sara's apartment for more arty, glittery for directions.....

xoxo, the Mouse.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

V-day is for mice.

yo kids

the mouse has a HOPEFUL publication date for issue #3!

Valentines Day 2006 --more info coming soon on the collage pah-tays,

and all other super incidentals. until then, paramours....

Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Middle of December and We're On

el pobre Mouse #3 is rolling along with a fine suspension and a little bumpity-bump. Having finished our selection process, we are beginning to design a page layout and send out our response emails.

A Sneak Peak at some of our contributors for #3:

David Larsen Stephanie Young Robert Creeley interviewed by Brent Cunningham Teresa Sparks Ellen Redbird Stephen Ratcliffe Brandon Brown Sean MacInnes Melissa Benham

and many more.

We'll be doing layout and editing in January. I'd love to have this come out in early February - hold us too it, we'll let you know if this is a dream or reality. If you care to maintain that distinction.



Friday, November 11, 2005

Doubly Circulatory

Artifact Press*

is pleased to announce the release of

Sara M. Larsen's

Doubly Circulatory

with cover art by Stacy Elaine Dacheux

Sara M. Larsen lives in San Francisco where she is the co-editor of the literary journal el pobre Mouse, with Kyle Kaufman, and founder of Ampersand Press & Sound. She currently studies with Diane di Prima and writes for the American Book Review. Her work has been published in 3 \2 , Bombay Gin, Can We Have Our Ball Back?, Combo, el pobre Mouse, One Less: Art on the Range, and Urvox.

This edition of 150 is priced at $6

& may be ordered through
or sending a check to:
Melissa Benham
2921 Folsom Street Apt. B
San Francisco, CA 94110

sara can be seen reading from the chapbook @:

Saturday, Nov. 12th
Artifact Reading Series

921B Folsom St. (at 25th St.)
with readings by
Sara M. Larsen, Laura Moriarty, & Cynthia Sailers

Tuesday, November 15
Friends and Students of Diane di Prima Reading Series presents:

Jenny Jo Wennlund
Todd Melicker
Sara M Larsen hosted by Diane di Prima

7:30 PM FREE

Bird and Beckett Books and Records
2788 Diamond (near Chenery)
(Glen Park BART Station)
Info: 415.586.3733

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


so i wonder if you wonder what is up with the mouse as of late? here's some news for y'all:

**kyle and i are meeting tonight at our usual coffee place to talk about #3. i think, give or take a submission promised here or there, we have all of the submissions and are about to start the long, fun part of reading and discussing it all. it's definately my favorite part of the whole lit-mag process. we'll also talk about the cover, the cover party, and hopefully set some deadlines, including a FINAL deadline for #3 to go to press.

tho we hope it's been part of our charm, we are hoping to be a bit more organized as we go on.

thanks to everyone who sent us work, art and writing alike!

**the new salon (yet un-named--i'm still pining to call it the Dragons Are Goodlooking Salon) at my house last sunday night (tho it will be nomadic--next one at Shonni's) was awesome. thanks to everyone for coming. we talked poetics, drank wine and saki, and ate lots of cheese. i love poets. just put out some cheese, eventually someone will show up at your house with a manuscript.

**there are alot of amazing readings happening in SF right now. i'll post some upcoming ones when i can--a good source for those in the meantime can be found at
also check out kyle's blog: for excellent links to other poets and projects.

**in other news, el pobre mouse has actually bought a domain on the internet, we are not very .com-y, we are really more .org-y (or orgy) but what the hell. thanks muchly to jack and the guys at knack design for hosting us and basically putting a fire under the ass of the whole website thing. so blogging days at this site are relatively numbered--though i'm sure it'll take us a while to get it going, we be so sluggin.

much love,

Sunday, October 09, 2005

october 15 again again

hey yous guys.

send us some work and check out the current el pobre if you haven't already. below are some pictures from our collage party for issue #2.

we're planning some similar collective action for the covers of #3.

soft deadline october 15. but not too soft. but soft.

send submissions to 3-5 pgs max prose poetry art whatnot.

el pobre #2 collage pah-tay.

it was fun to play frogger around the books all spread out on my bedroom rug.

bless 'm, that philip whalen.