Wednesday, August 17, 2005

el pobre ARCHIVES

el pobre Mouse #1: sold out.
el pobre Mouse #2: $5-10 each, sliding scale, postage included.

#2 features:

gayle leyton lee ballentine kyle kaufman matt langley dylan hock dave gardner carl della badia jim goar marlowe fawcett max whetstine nikki widner aaron auslender kari edwards patrick scanlon justin kishbaugh summer rodman melissa r. benham ellen redbird stacy elaine dacheux jenny wennlund john sullivan delia tramontina thomas henwood

Each copy comes with a handmade collage cover, a product of el pobre's San Francisco collage parties. Which are open to all - if you live in the bay area, drop us a line, and we'll invite you to the cover party for #3.


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